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Amiad Plastic Filters
Amiad Plastic Filter
Amiad plastic filters are available with different filter elements to suit different filtering requirements and filtration degrees. See table below.
These all purpose filters are made with different engineering plastic materials that can be suited for mechanical strength and chemical and corrosion resistance.
Amiad plastic filters can be easily dismantled by hand without tools. The filter elements can easily be extracted from the filter housing for rinsing.
Amiad plastic filters may also be upgraded to semi-automatic functioning by adding one of the innovative features of the Turboclean (a), Brushaway (b) or Scanaway (c) assemblies. For detailed information check the specific brochures on semi-automatic filters.
An exclusive "Traffic Light" (clogging indicator) can be fitted on the pressure check points to let you know visually the condition of the filter element.

Amiad FilterFilter elements
A wide range of filter elements and filtration degrees are available for Amiad's plastic filters.

Screen elements
The screen elements are constructed of molded plastic ribs that support a stainless steel weave-wire screen or monofil polyester weave screen with filtration degrees from 22 to 800 micron (1).

For coarse filtration (straining) between 800 and 3500 micron, Amiad offers perforated stainless steel screens (2).

Suspended solids accumulate on the inside surface of the screen. The screen can be easily removed from the housing to be rinsed manually.

The direction of flow in these elements is from the inside out along the element so that inorganic suspended solids are accumulated mainly at the lower end of the element and can be removed by means of a flush valve. The screen elements are especially suitable for the separating of inorganic particles and create a very low head loss.

The different filtration degrees are color-coded. The cylinder incorporates two O-rings to ensure perfect sealing inside the filter housing.

Disc elements
These elements are constructed from plastic discs that are stacked onto a telescopic core (3). The discs are grooved on both sides. These grooves intersect to form the filtration element when compressed on the core. The disc element provides high retention of organic matter.

The effective filtration area is comprised of both the outside surface and the channels formed by the intersected grooves. Suspended organic particulate adheres to the grooved surface adding the element of depth to the filtration process.

Cleaning the disc element is made simple by the unique design of the telescopic core which allows the discs to separate during the cleaning process. Two O-rings provide perfect sealing inside the filter housing.

Filtration degrees available