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TIMEX Filter
KMF² Microfiber Filters (Automatic Self Cleaning Filter)
Innovative self-cleaning microfiber water filters for treatment as fine as 2 micron.

Automatic Self Cleaning Filter

Timex Filter Features:
TSS, NTU & SDI reduction for potable and waste water applications
Effective removal of Giardia Cysts
Cartridge performance without cartridge replacement
Outperforms traditional sand media systems
Pre-filtration for R.O. desalination and other sub micron systems
Provide complete water treatment and filtration solutions for Municipalities
Environmentally friendly no chemical treatment required

How the KMF² Filters work
MASA’s KMF² Series consists of innovative self-cleaning microfiber water-filters for treatments as fine as 2 micron that provides cartridge filter performance without cartridge filter replacement. The KMF² filters support flow-rates of up to 320 m³/h (1410 US gpm), in filtration degrees of 20 to 2 micron.

The Filtering Process
The KMF² filters remove dirt particles as water flows through multi-layered microfiber cassettes (1). These are attached to collector pipes which allow the process water to flow from the filter. Dirt particles that accumulate on and in-between the microfiber layers create a pressure differential. At a preset pressure differential value or time interval, the control unit activates the self-cleaning cycle, described as follows:

The Self-cleaning Filtration Process
The inlet (3) and outlet (4) valves close and the drain (5) valve opens. After the filter vessel empties, the booster pump (6) delivers pressurized water to the shuttle pipe (7) on which the flush nozzles are mounted (8). These nozzles straddle the cassettes and spray both sides of a cassette with high powered jet streams that penetrate the microfiber layers and dislodge the debris. When these jet streams hit the plastic cassette support, they reflect outward, dislodging the debris from the cassettes and out the drain. This process ensures 100% effective cleaning. The piston assembly shuttles the spray nozzles across a single row of cassettes on each stroke. When the nozzles reach the end of a row, the turn mechanism indexes the filter package to the next row of cassettes.

The piston then shuttles in the opposite direction, cleaning the cassettes as the nozzles traverse them. After cleaning all 35 rows of cassettes, the filter is clean. The drain valve closes and the inlet valve re-opens, filling the filter vessel. After the vessel is full, a “filter to waste” (9) valve opens. This eliminates any residual contaminant that may have entered the collector pipes during the flush process. Than, the “filter to waste” valve closes, the outlet valve opens and the filter is back on-line.

KMF² Models
Timex’s KMF² product-line consists of the following models:
• KMF²-36K for up to 30 m³/h (132 US gpm)
• KMF²-93K for up to 50 m³/h (220 US gpm)
• KMF²-370K for up to 320 m³/h (1410 US gpm)

TIMEX Self Cleaning Filter