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Auto Backwash Filter
How do the M100 piston filters work ?
FILTOMAT® M100 Piston Filters, 104LP - 112P (Auto Backwash Filter)
The M100 piston models remove dirt particles as water flows through the coarse (3) and finescreens (4) between its inner and outer surfaces. At a preset value, the rinse controller (12) opens the flushing valve (9). The pressure in the rotor chamber (5) drops, releasing a strong backflush stream that flows out through the nozzles (6) and then out the drainage pipe (11). The drop in pressure creates the suction effect of the nozzles (6). This effect actuates spot cleaning of the fine screen’s inner surface directly in front of the openings of each nozzle. The two stroke helical movement of the dirt collector assembly (7) ensures that the nozzles (6) sweep the entire inner side of the fine screen. Backwash water flows through the dirt collector pipe, via the rotor (8) to the flushing valve (9) forcing the dirt collector assembly (7) to spin.

The first backwash stroke begins when the pressure-drop in the rotor chamber (5) and drainage from the piston (10) drive the spinning dirt collector assembly toward the piston. When the second Backwash filter stroke is completed, the rinse controller (12) initiates the next backfwash stroke. The dirt collector spins towards the filter cover returning to its original position.

Filtomat Auto Backwash Filter